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Branding Heads of States – Some Key Stages

  We know you can brand people the same way you brand products. Here are some simple steps. 1. Brand Name You begin with a brand name – either it is their given name – Barack Obama for instance or … Continue reading

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Cultural Nuances of “Help” for the World Traveller (any age) – Emergency Situations

This post is inspired partly by my experiences as an expat. We spend a lot of time thinking – I am connected – I have a mobile – I have business counterparts who can help, and we forget there are … Continue reading

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Is Your Business – A Social Business?

A social business is business that also uses tools like social media,  social software and technology-based social networks to enable connections between people, information and assets to help organisations take decisions. Deloitte and MIT Sloan recently released the findings of a … Continue reading

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A Game of Chess: Russia versus West

The ex-USSR still holds mythological fascination for the West and the constant unrest in that region is of political interest even after the Cold War has ended. The interest in Ukraine for EU, USA or UK has always been Russia. … Continue reading

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As a Brand – Will You Do the Right Thing?

The recent backlash Garnier faced over the “Care Package” given to the IDF is a good example of how social media has the power to get customers to boycott brands that do not seem aligned to their personal values. The … Continue reading

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Why Scenario Planning is Important: A380 vs Boeing 787

This was an interesting article by Jad Mouwad. It is the predications of Airbus and Boeing a decade ago that led to this particular situation in time. The information both had were the same – air traffic was doubling every … Continue reading

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Why Negotiating Skills and Defining Legal Boundaries are important for Start-ups

Emerging or so called “Growth” markets are high risk but have the opportunity to offer great returns. It is estimated that 90% of international arbitrations relate to contract disputes between private parties and the rest involve suing countries! Both of … Continue reading

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